My Mate Says I Don’t Need a Will

Why do SO many people in this Country put off making a Will? Here’s a selection of the reasons (excuses!) I’ve heard over the years:

“My mate says I don’t need a Will because it will “automatically” all go to my wife”

“My mate says, I don’t need a Will as I’ve got a partner and five kids and it will ‘automatically go to them'”

“My mate says  I don’t need a Will. Anyway, don’t make one because as soon as you do, you’ll die”

“My mate says I don’t need a Will as I don’t own my home”

“My mate says I don’t need a Will as I’m only in my 20’s”

“My mate says I don’t need a Will as I’m single”

“My mate says I don’t need a Will as my family will sort it all out”

I say – unless your mate is a specialist in the area of Wills, Estate Planning and Inheritance – ignore his advice. Much better to talk to professionals, like my Company, who actually know what they’re talking about! As someone who has seen the aftermath of intestate and testate Estates alike and the sheer vindictiveness of certain family members who suddenly appear from nowhere, I can state quite categorically that you are being a lot more considerate to those left behind if you make it clear what your wishes are than leaving them to “second guess”. You are also making it easier in the event that a long-lost (usually avaricious) relative suddenly appears from out of the woodwork, that any appeal through the Courts will go in your Estate’s favour rather than the way of the claimant.

So, please don’t be selfish, be  considerate to those you leave behind and remember the old adage “Where there’s a Will there’s a way……but where there’s no Will, there’s a relative” In other words, you’re going to leave a load of mess behind for your loved ones unless you have made a good, solid, clear, accurate Will.