Tim Williams Will Writer


To some people, even thinking about making their Will, Power of Attorney or other related documents brings on an attack of the “vapours” and most of us, if we’re honest, don’t really want to think about it – for obvious reasons.

However, like most difficult or tricky issues in life, once actually faced up to and addressed, these generally shrink from a mountain to a relative molehill! Thereafter, most get a sense of real relief and achievement.

Tim Williams and his team endeavour to facilitate the above scenario by being approachable, sympathetic and empathetic to every client’s individual needs. Each is offered comprehensive, practical and professional advice in all Matters of Inheritance, dependent on their circumstances.

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Peace of mind

What is the definition of “Peace of Mind”?

Our clients tell us that it is in a combination of Trust, Confidence, Discretion and Professionalism.

Our ethic therefore is simple: to instil trust and thereby confidence in our services by imparting sound knowledge through reasoned, professional advice given with impartiality and discretion and kept in total confidentiality.

That, coupled with efficiency and courtesy of service in all we do, gives that elusive quality of “Peace of Mind”.

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