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Revisions to Wills – “What do I do with the old Will when I raise a new one?”

My Company offers a two-yearly review of all the documents it produces for its clients. This service is intended to remind clients that since they originally wrote their Wills (and/or other documents) their circumstances may have changed. For example, they may have had additions to the family, someone may have got married, someone may have got divorced, someone may have died and yes, someone may have fallen out of favour. Whatever the reason, it is a very wise decision to keep your Will, your Lasting Power of Attorney, your Trusts under review, so that when something eventually does happen and the document(s) are needed they reflect the current situation and not that which applied umpteen years ago! Continue reading

The Importance of Keeping your Will Correctly and Securely Stored

Having finally “taken the plunge” as it were and got round to making a Will after umpteen years of putting it off, another very important decision has to made – where to keep the final signed document safely and perhaps more importantly, where the Executors will find it!

It is a common misconception that a copy Will is just as valid as the original signed and witnessed document (known as the engrossed Will). This is NOT the case. It is perfectly acceptable to take photocopies of your Will and distribute them to whomsoever you choose – in fact it is probably advisable to give photocopies to your Executors so that they are at least aware of what your requirements are ahead of the event – but they are only for information and have no legal validity. It is ONLY the ORIGINAL (engrossed) Will correctly dated, signed and witnessed which has legal validity and will be accepted by the Probate Office. Continue reading