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How Specific Does my Will Need To Be?

The answer is –  as specific (or unspecific) as you want it to be! Let’s take any funeral directions as an example – if you wish to include some wishes, please do so, but likewise if you don’t, simply say nothing. I have clients who include their preferred funeral director, type of coffin, transport arrangements, floral tributes, church service details, hymns and so on. Others don’t even specify a desire to be cremated or buried. It really is up to you – however, do please remember – the people you leave behind may well be grieving and not feel up to making decisions about your funeral arrangements, so some direction from you will probably be welcome. If you prefer to take a more personal approach to your funeral wishes, you may describe these in a Memorandum or Letter of Wishes, which gives your Executors an idea of what you envisaged, but is in the more personal format of a letter which is kept with the Will, but is not actually part of it. Funeral directions are categorised as “wishes” and not legal binding “orders” – so may either form part of the Will or be separate in a Memorandum. Continue reading