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If I Want to Save Inheritance Tax I’ll Just Give My Property to My Kids!

This is a HUGELY UNWISE thing to do! If you give your property to your children whilst you are still alive – you have LOST ALL CONTROL of that property. It no longer belongs to you, and although (hopefully) the children have given you a right of residency within it for as long as you live,  it now belongs to them, therefore, it is they and they alone, who decide what happens to it. Continue reading

My Mate Says: “You Need a Solicitor to Write Your Will and to Act as Executor”

It’s really very dangerous indeed to listen to your mate or the guy down at the pub when it comes to vital matters like this. With the best will in the world – they can often give a totally wrong impression and mis-direct you unwittingly. ALWAYS take advice from experts in the field. This is true of engaging Solicitors too – make sure before you consider using a Solicitor to make your Will, that he/she is a specialist in the area of Wills, Probate, Trusts and so on before you instruct them. It is entirely possible hat he/she is a “general practitioner” of all aspects of the law, and has no specialist knowledge of Wills, Trusts and the like. In this instance, he/she may have had a few hours training at Law School on this particular subject, so maybe is not at all well-versed! Continue reading