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Wishing You All A Very Happy Christmas!

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas – especially since having children, and now grand-children! The looks on their faces sum it all up perfectly – innocence and joy; exactly as depicted in the Nativity Story itself.

Not all of us is blessed with a simple, ideal scenario like this. Many throughout this country, and further afield, are suffering from poverty, pain, war, floods, and disasters both man-made and otherwise. Again, we are taught to remember those less fortunate than ourselves especially at Christmas time. Continue reading

Correct Attestation of Wills (Signing & Witnessing)

The process of signing and witnessing a Will is called the “Attestation”

– and it is every bit as important that this is completed correctly, as the Will content itself! The Probate Office is more likely to declare a Will “invalid” because of an incorrect Attestation than for any other reason. So, please be aware – this is a VERY important procedure. My Company provides a supervised Attestation in all its document charges and will ONLY allow a “Remote Attestation” (unsupervised) with a written disclaimer duly signed by the client. Continue reading

Urgent (or “Death-Bed”) Wills

In my thirteen year career as a Will Writer and Inheritance Advisor, I have only attended under these conditions on four occasions – and it doesn’t get any easier to do. As the rather “blunt” name “Death-Bed Wills” we give such Wills implies, this is a visit to a hospice or hospital to take instruction from a client who has a terminal condition which is likely to cause their death within a (usually short) specified period of time. The document is then produced immediately and taken back to the client for the Attestation (signing & witnessing) procedure. Continue reading