I Need to Change my Will?

The Company, as a matter of course, will remind you every two years that you may need to make changes to your Will. Changes could be necessary for many reasons but probably the most common is a change of address. It is not critical that this is done as soon as it happens, so waiting until the two-yearly review period is absolutely fine.

It is more important to change your Will if the amendment required involves a change of name – because of marriage for example. This really should be altered immediately in order to clarify to all concerned the person whom you intended to name.

A material change of circumstances such as divorce should also prompt a change in your Will immediately. Although the statutory handling of a Will following divorce treats the Will as valid but without the divorced spouse’s name included – far better to ensure that the Will still directs your assets where you choose rather than taking a chance on mis-direction of assets.

Death is another example of a good reason to alter a Will – for example, that of an Executor or a beneficiary.

Whatever the reason, DO NOT ALTER the text of your Will IN ANY WAY – this will invalidate it. Simply contact us and inform us of the change(s) required. We will make those changes and produce an amended document for signature and witnessing. By all means make notes on any photocopies of your Will but NEVER on the original.

Likewise, NEVER ATTACH ANYTHING TO YOUR WILL with paperclips, staples, pins, sellotape, blu-tack or ANY other method. The mark left by any of these methods may cause the Probate office to query whether anything has been removed and declare the document invalid. Simply place any documents you wish read alongside the Will loose-leaf within the document clearly numbered and signed.

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