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It is important to consider what impact your Will may have on the Estates of your chosen beneficiaries. For example if you want to give an amount of money to your child, could it potentially create an Inheritance Tax liability in his or her Estate? Therefore, might it be financially more appropriate to give that amount of money to your grandchild?

Estate planning experts based in Northamptonshire

Is there a person or persons whom you would like to have an element of benefit from your Estate, but they are profligate with money, or have a drug/alcohol problem? Maybe they’re disabled either physically or mentally?

Are you concerned that after you pass away, your surviving partner or spouse will re-marry or re-cohabit with someone, alter their Will and what you have passed to them, has the potential to disappear off down a totally different blood line?

The above issues are easily soluble through the use of suitable Trusts within and outside the client’s Will.

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