Funeral Plans

Working with with Safe Hands Funeral Plans

The average cost of a funeral doubles approximately every ten years and is currently about £3,500 (June 2015). Doesn’t it make a lot of sense to fix this price by paying it now rather than at the time you pass away?

That is exactly what you would be doing by purchasing a Funeral Plan now. Plus, it has the added advantage that you can plan your own funeral in exactly the way you want it (including “eco or green” funerals if you wish), and you take all the responsibility and extra work/worry away from your Executors and loved ones at a particularly difficult time.

The Company works with Safe Hands Funeral Plans who, as members of the national Federation of Funeral Directors offer pre-planned funerals through their Fair Price Charter thus ensuring the price you pay for your funeral is a) fair and b) competitive within the market place. It also guarantees that however long you live and however expensive a funeral has become when you pass away, there will always be sufficient funds to cover all the costs of the funeral including the funeral director’s fees and services.

There are four carefully tailored plans available, all of which can either be paid for outright at the time of your order or interest free over two years or with 7.3 APR interest over 3-5 years.

They offer unbeatable service at an unbeatable price.

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