Wishing You All A Very Happy Christmas!

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas – especially since having children, and now grand-children! The looks on their faces sum it all up perfectly – innocence and joy; exactly as depicted in the Nativity Story itself.

Not all of us is blessed with a simple, ideal scenario like this. Many throughout this country, and further afield, are suffering from poverty, pain, war, floods, and disasters both man-made and otherwise. Again, we are taught to remember those less fortunate than ourselves especially at Christmas time.

An excellent practical way to remember the less-fortunate is to give a gift to the charity(ies) of your choice through a legacy written within your Will. Even a gift of 1% or 2% of the total Estate value will contribute greatly to their work.

Also, it is worth thinking about the work your local Hospice does – ours is Katharine House in Banbury – for whom I personally have the greatest respect. They work 365 days of each and every year to give persons diagnosed with life-terminating diseases the comfort, care and dignity they so richly deserve in those last few days and weeks.

Every gift, whether by specified amount or percentage of the Estate, carries no Inheritance Tax implication to the Charity or to your Estate – even if your Estate is over the Nil-Rate Band threshold (currently £325k). It is therefore an excellent way of mitigating Inheritance Tax.

Please give some thought to this idea when you have a moment, and call us in the New Year if you would like further details how a properly drawn Will can help those more fortunate than you.

I wish you all a very happy and joyous Christmas!